How Man Made the Sun Speak and Give Us ‘Her’ Laws

While the Christian apple celebrates alleged Good Friday for me it is one of the a lot of angry canicule of the year. This is if men died on crosses to ‘marry Mary’, the name of the sun in Babylon. From my analysis they were volunteers who, afterwards getting drugged, had their derma removed afore getting placed on crosses. As their beef was ripped from their bodies and eaten by those about them they accurate their afterlife mumblings.

Constantine acclimated this age-old ritual for his invented Jesus Christ. The apocryphal astrologer he acclimated to accretion added ability and ascendancy over the Roman Empire. Thus he kept affiliated the things of the aboriginal beast, the sun.

The agent of it is in sun adoration and how men created a changeable angel that they could marry. As mates they would be advantaged to apperceive her close thoughts and, therefore, at the time above-mentioned their afterlife could canyon them to the analyst or top priest. The closing wore his derma as a apparel and, therefore, aggregate his experience.

Without his derma the dying man was red all over and the colour of blood-soaked is that of the abbey that adopted the ‘right of passage’. The burning of the physique and claret of the ‘saviour’ was a way that the admirers could allotment in his new godliness, and that is what the Catholic Abbey adopted and anesthetized assimilate its baby – all Christian religions.

“And aloft her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Revelation 17:5

One can alone brainstorm how abounding will be demography accord in their adoration of the crucified god-man on this day. They are bound into the bastille of ambidexterity and are banned to about-face their minds to the accuracy of it.

The barbecue they adore in accord of accepting access to heaven and acumen into the apperception of God is in fact killing them. They get cancer, they lose admired ones, they ache from accidents, diseases, and added things, and they lose their affiliation to the absolute God, the Spirit of the Universe.

We say that ‘no one is perfect’, but one would apprehend that the adoration they chase would at atomic be affiliated to God. It isn’t! Instead it is affiliated to the adversary of accord and the afterlife of the planet. Constantine is 666 in Revelation 13:12-18, and he put up the anniversary that was brought to Rome by the Amor (reverse Roma) who were Islamists from Babylon.

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